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Our prime task is the coordination and delivery of all services for your project.  In addition, we will retain and mange all necessary specialty engineering consultants that are required to implement your project successfully.  We provide the following services:

  • Architecture

  • Planning

  • Master Planning

  • Architectural Programming

  • Project Cost Planning

  • Specialized Planning

  • Site and Facility Evaluations

  • Construction Administration

Key elements required to successfully complete any architectural project, to accomplish this we:

  • We use a Team concept, a TEAM of carefully selected Architects.
  • Select highly qualified and experienced engineering consultants.
  • Include OWNER and USERS as equal design TEAM members.

Programming consists of five structured steps.

  • GOALS - what the client wants and why?
  • FACTS - what is it all about, statistical data?
  • CONCEPTS - how to achieve the GOALS
  • NEEDS - how much money, space and quality?
  • PROBLEM STATEMENT - a distillation of the goals, facts, concepts and needs to describe the primary direction the design should take.

Our goal is to satisfy your needs with your resources and meet your project goals.  Properly instituted "Programming" assures success.

Estimating is typically completed during several phases of the project by our TEAM with an experienced cost control consultant.  As the project proceeds through the various design phases, the estimates must be carefully tracked and reconciled with the budget in order for the design team to make the necessary adjustments without compromising the owner's goals for the project.  The overall goal of effective estimating is to aid the designer and owner's team to "design to a cost".

Cost control encompasses a three step process:

  • A Complete and Reasonable Budget

  • Reconciliation of the Budget with the Project Program

  • Construction Documents Cost Check 

Project Management

Our project manager and management process have a proven track record of delivering project on time and within budget.  Responsive and Successful Architecture is derived from our four step management process:

  • TEAM management and coordination
  • Coordination and development of an acceptable design quality control process
  • Providing interdisciplinary document Quality Control checking procedures
  • Providing comprehensive master coordination check listing with ALL TEAM members

Project Schedule

Project scheduling and control is essential to the success of any project. We respect your need to have deadlines met.  The following key issues must be met in order the schedule to be Achieved:

  • Reasonable project schedule
  • Project team willing to meet an accelerated schedule
  • Bidding and Negotiations (Contractor Selection)

Quality Control in Design - To evaluate the proposed design solution for compliance with the program in terms  of:

goals, needs, quality, construct-ability, budget, aesthetics.

Quality Control in Technology - To evaluate the proposed design solution for:

system selection, interdisciplinary coordination, budget, completeness of documentation.

Construction Administration - Our Office:  We will provide a construction administrator for your project.  We are responsible for establishing and maintaining effective procedures and systems to manage and control the contract requirements.  We will review shop drawings, samples and other submissions for conformance and compliance with the drawings and specifications.  We will issue appropriate Certificates for Payment, review and monitor the contractor's progress, prepare site visit reports, evaluate test reports and prepare the punch list for each construction contract.

Construction Administration - In The Field: We will be your representative  and will advise and consult with you, the Owner, during the construction.  We will make site visits to become familiar with the progress and quality of the work being performed and determine, in general, that the Work, when completed, will be in accordance with the construction documents, specifications and design intent.  In this phase of service we do not tell the contractor how to do their job, but act as your representative to assure that you are receiving the level of quality product which we have all agreed upon.

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